How Criminals Target Businesses and How You Can Prevent It

How Criminals Target Businesses and How You Can Prevent It

Most crimes against businesses are burglaries but not all businesses are at equal risk. Why? Three factors come into play, risk, reward, and opportunity. Not all businesses have the same risks, provide the same opportunity, or hold equal reward to the burglar. Unfortunately, businesses can put themselves at risk unknowingly by not understanding risk and not implementing simple measures to reduce them.

Assessing Your Risk

Today, every business is worth burglarizing if not for physical products for the devices that hold critical customer information. It is not a matter if your business is at risk. It’s a matter of determining your degree of risk. Here are some simple questions to get a general feel for your level of risk.

  • Is your business located in a high-crime area?
  • Is your business remotely located and out of view from traffic?
  • Are other similar businesses experiencing crime?
  • Is it obvious that there is cash or valuable merchandise on the premises?
  • Is your merchandise considered a high-risk target item, such as computers, components, or other high-dollar and highly desirable merchandise?
  • Does your business store customer information?
  • Do you have adequate security measures in place?

Actionable Steps to Protect Your Business

There is no way to predict whether your business will be a target, but there are ways to reduce the risk. The best way is to think like a criminal! Consider your business as a criminal might and gain a new vision for your security. For example, are there doors or windows that provide easy access? Could a criminal get to the door without being seen easily? How vulnerable is the business after hours? All it takes is one vulnerability for a criminal to successfully gain access to your business. Here are some highly actionable steps for you to take right now to protect your business.

  1. Conceal Wiring Outside Of Your Business Facilities – In an attempt to gain easy entry, burglars will often cut wires on the outside of a building in an attempt to disable security and other means of communication. Make the task more challenging by concealing all of your external wiring using cable conduits.
  2. Institute Basic Business Protocols –  Many businesses are vulnerable because not everyone knows how to use the security system or does not practice other safety protocols. Get a plan in place and make sure all employees follow it.
  3. Keep Cash And Valuables In A Secure Location – If your business keeps cash on hand overnight, or has a high-value inventory of any kind, make sure these assets are securely stored. Small items can be placed in a commercial-grade safe bolted in place. For high-value inventory items, consider added layers of protection with additional access control partitions and locked doors.
  4. Protect Your Premises with a Monitored Security System – You can’t be at your business 24/7. The next best thing is installing a monitored security system. Installing a security system is one of the best things you can do to protect your business. A monitored system increases your chances to interrupt and apprehend perpetrators.
  5. Be Smart With Video Surveillance – Video surveillance is one of the best deterrents to crime and aid in apprehension. Make sure your video surveillance system adequately covers every part of your facility. Pay particular attention to entrances and exits as well as other sensitive areas of your organization.
  6. Shred Sensitive Business Information – Don’t make it easy for criminals to take advantage of account numbers, customer information, employees file, sales data, vendor documentation or other information contained within your business. Instill a strict policy regarding shredding and processing.
  7. Maintain A Strict Closed-Door Policy – Open doors left unattended can be an invitation for potential criminals. Open doors also allow would-be burglars to identify and assess targets inside your facility, and analyze your layout.
  8. Lock All Doors And Windows – Astonishingly, most burglars do not have to work too hard to gain access. They simply walk in an unlocked door or window. Make sure all doors and windows are secure and protected. Consider adding intrusion detection sensors in addition to locks.
  9. Talk To a Commercial Security System Consultant – A security system professional can help you identify and manage your security risks with advanced and highly flexible technologies.

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