Commercial Video Surveillance. Do You Need Indoor, Outdoor or Both?

Commercial Video Surveillance. Do You Need Indoor, Outdoor or Both?

There is hardly a business today that does not benefit from commercial video surveillance technologies. For most, the question is more about how to apply that technology, and whether video surveillance is needed to cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Very often, organizations believe that determination will be seriously impacted by system cost and feel they must choose one or the other. Fortunately, however, security technologies today are so advanced that having an affordable and comprehensive system that covers all of your needs is completely possible.

No Need to Choose

There was a time when security technologies priced many businesses out of the market when it came to video surveillance and many organizations had to prioritize what areas to cover, and which to leave unprotected. Today, video surveillance technologies are so advanced and affordable, that virtually any company can have a system that covers the entire property without compromise. It is not a matter of whether you need to choose between indoor or outdoor video surveillance systems, it is a matter of smartly applying the technologies to meet your needs. 

Crime Deterrence

The most common reason commercial businesses opt for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance is to deter crime. When used to cover the inside of a facility it can deter crimes like shoplifting, employee theft, incidents of fraud, and even workplace violence. Outdoors, it deters vandalism and stops crime at the perimeter.

Ensure Safety Protocols

The jobs in every type of facility involve some risk to employees and customers if duties are not performed correctly. Covering the facility, both indoors and outdoors, in video surveillance allows owners and managers to monitor operations and make any necessary corrections.

Monitor the Property

An additional advantage to using both indoor and outdoor video surveillance is the ability it provides to monitor the entire property for activities such as crowd gathering, deliveries, and after hours or suspicious activities.

Proof of Event

Whether it is proof of crimes like theft or fraud or verification of an account of events in a dispute, video surveillance footage provides the detailed images of the event for law enforcement, insurance, or other entities.

Improved Operations for Increased Profitability

Covering the entire facility in video surveillance has financial benefits as well. The ability to have complete oversight over the business can increase profitability in numerous ways. In addition to reducing loss due to theft, it can uncover areas of inefficiencies in productivity, production, operations, and more.

When it comes to commercial video surveillance, there really isn’t a need to compromise. Skilled security experts have the ability to apply the right technologies to extend your security spend and provide the coverage you need. Find out how you can have the best of both worlds! Call Hoffman Security today!

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