When Should You Upgrade Your Security System?

When Should You Upgrade Your Security System?

As a technology owner, you know that there will eventually come a time when it is necessary to consider a technology upgrade. It’s true of computers, phones, and your home security system. But when exactly is it time for an upgrade? The signs may surprise you.

It’s Outdated

Technology advances at an astounding rate. You are likely not using the same mobile phone you were using just a year ago, for example. Why? Because the new phones have advanced so quickly and offer so many new functions that your older phone can’t even compare. While it can be fun to do the whole retro thing and throw a vinyl on your Crosley, retro home security systems aren’t cool. Except maybe to a criminal.

It is Often Possible To Use Old Elements

Upgrading your security system doesn’t always mean you have to have an entirely new system. Often, you can incorporate components from your old system into your new for even greater savings.

New Systems Offer New Features and Upgrades

If you have a home security system, you have it to provide an extra measure of safety to your home, family, and assets. If new components offer better features such as video surveillance cameras offering better images for example, then upgrading certainly makes sense.

Your Current Provider Doesn’t Specialize in Security

Lots of companies offer security as an “add-on”, such as television, internet, and security. When this happens, it reduces home security to just a service which makes professional knowledge and application of security technologies pretty difficult. The opportunity to have a wide range of technology options applied to meet your specific security needs is another important reason to consider upgrading.

You Want More

Maybe your wants since you had your home security system installed and you simply want more protection or more functionality, such as adding a video doorbell or additional cameras. If you do, it is a good time to upgrade.

Your Needs Have Changed

Another reason to consider an upgrade is when your needs change. A change in the size of your family or home renovations can both be important reasons to have your home security system evaluated to ensure that you are adequately protected.

With all of the advancements in security system technologies, there may be system components and functionality you’d like to add to your current security system. At Hoffman Security, we not only offer the latest technologies, but we also devote ourselves to thoroughly knowing those technologies so that our customers get the most use and value from their investment.

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