5 Ways to Decrease Your Chances of a Residential Break-In

5 Ways to Decrease Your Chances of a Residential Break-In

Nobody wants to have their home broken into, and, in fact, there are at least 5 ways to decrease your chances of a residential break-in.

Most people will choose an easy option over a more difficult or riskier option, and burglars are the same. They’ll target homes that look easy to break into over one that looks riskier.

Each of these five ways to decrease your chances of a residential break-in make your home the riskier option.

1. Install Exterior Security Cameras that are Obvious and in Clear Sight

Visible security cameras are a clear sign of added risk, which makes them a good deterrent to potential burglars. This is because they show that you have a home security system.

And even if a burglar manages a quick grab-and-go before law enforcement can arrive, there’s a greater chance that there will be a video record that can be used to identify and catch them later.

At least one study has shown that up to 60% of burglars say that the presence of a security system would cause them to seek another target. 

2. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Unlocked doors and open windows are like an open invitation for burglars to enter your home. So keep doors locked, even when you’re home. And be sure to close and secure the windows — especially the easily accessible ones — when you leave.

3. Lock Gates and Make it Hard to Get Into the Backyard

It’s less risky to break in to a home from the backyard, where the burglar won’t be seen by neighbors or other people passing by. So take that option and opportunity away from them by fencing your property and locking your gates.

4. Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Most burglars do not want to encounter people. Or dogs. So, if you have dogs that can stay inside, let them.

Leave a light or two on, or use home automation to have different lights turn on or off at certain times. Keep the TV on when you’re gone.

Do this when you’re away from home during the day (the majority of residential break-ins happen during the day, according to the FBI) as well as when you’re away for several days.

5. Install Outdoor Lighting

Even though most residential break-ins happen during the day, there are still a significant number that happen at night. But a well-lit home is riskier than a dark one. Outdoor lighting increases a burglar’s visibility and makes it harder to hide.  

We’re Here to Help

Some of these things you’ll need to do yourself on an ongoing basis (like locking doors and windows and making it look like someone is home).

But the trained and experienced staff at Hoffman Security can design and install a home security system — including exterior cameras — to help you keep your family safe and decrease your chances of a residential break-in.

For more information, call us at (559) 292-7871 or (209) 384-3305. Or you can contact us using our online form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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