Are Hard-Wired Home Security Systems Better than Wireless Home Security Systems?

Are Hard-Wired Home Security Systems Better than Wireless Home Security Systems?

Whether hard-wired home security systems are better than wireless home security systems or not is a matter of personal preference. This is because one person’s definition of “better” may be based on different criteria than someone else’s.

To help you decide for yourself, we’ve put together some pros and cons to each.

Hard-Wired Home Security Systems

Some of the pros of hard-wired home security systems are their reliability and ability to keep working even when the internet goes out. Also, because the wired system is a “closed” system — meaning the signals are contained within the cables and wires — it is less susceptible to electrical interference.

Additionally, the cameras and sensors in a wired system generally are wired both to the central control panel and to power. So, you don’t have to keep replacing or recharging batteries, but if the power goes out, so do they, which is why a backup power source is recommended.

The cons of a hard-wired system include the time and effort required for installation, cameras aren’t easily moved once they’re installed, and wires can be cut by criminals who know to do so.

Wireless Home Security Systems

On the other hand, some of the pros of wireless home security systems are the ease and speed of installation, you can take them with you when you move, and they may be easier to integrate with other smart devices in your home since they all can be on the same secure network.

When you want to upgrade or add more cameras, that’s easier with a wireless system, too. And sometimes wireless cameras can be placed in spots that hard-wired cameras can’t.

The cons of a wireless security system are that it’s down when your Wi-Fi is down, there can be interference from other devices, and the signal can be intercepted or hacked without proper precautions.

What About a Combination of Both?

In many situations, combining hard-wired and wireless elements into a more robust home security system is the way to go.

If you decide that a hybrid system is for you, it’s best to consult with a professional to design and install it to make sure that all the components are compatible for your protection and peace of mind.

Hard-Wired or Wireless … We’re Here to Help

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