Which Is Better, Local or National Security Companies?

Which Is Better, Local or National Security Companies?

So, you are in the market for a security system and you are immediately faced with the dilemma– do you choose a local or national commercial security company? Your mind starts spinning, wondering what the ramifications are of your decision could be. It is, after all, an important decision that will affect many people.

Don’t worry though, we’ll help break it down.

Top Advantages of a Local Security Company

Cost, Commitment, and Payments

While we could list these separately, together they pack the consumer a punch if they are not careful. Nearly all security companies, whether national or local, will require some sort of contract of service. This isn’t necessarily bad as contracts protect the consumer as well as the service provider. However, national companies are more likely to have longer contract terms, and higher monthly costs which can increase, as well as service call fees.

Local security companies do not have a board of directors to appease or stakeholders of profit shares so are able to be more flexible with fees, are willing to have shorter contracts, and able to work with customers on payments.

Custom Systems from Someone that Knows Your Needs

When you call a national security company your reach a salesperson whose first goal is to sell you on the spot, over the phone. They do not need to see your business because they simply sell you the same system they sell everyone else.

A local company has local knowledge of your area and the specific risks that come with it. Then they are able to see your business to evaluate your vulnerabilities and then address them with the appropriate technologies. This way your risks are minimized without over or under-equipping your facility.

Faster Service Calls

Most people find that national companies are swift to make a sales call but make service calls with much less zeal. If a problem does arise, you have to call out to a center (probably halfway across the country) and put in a request for service. Then, the dispatcher has to call a contracted technician — not someone directly employed by them, but someone they hire just when they have the need — and schedule a time most convenient for the technician to come out and take a look at your system. The turnaround time for this is frustratingly long, to say the least.

Local companies understand that their reputation depends on great service and so are far more likely to be highly responsive to your service needs. When a problem arises, you call the service center, and based on the type of issue, a technician actually employed by the company will receive a service order that day, and typically within 48 hours, they will be at your door to make your system right again.

Personal Service

Another huge advantage to having a local service provider is that you can stop by the office and see them face to face. To speak to them on the phone, you do not have to push 1, then 7, then 3 and then 9 to get to an actual person to discuss your needs.

You Support the Community

Purchasing locally is always a positive idea. It helps boost the local economy and create local jobs, which in turn stimulates more growth.

At Hoffman Security, you never have to compromise quality or service. We are a family owned and operated business and employ people who call the Valley home. We’re big enough to meet large corporate security needs while remaining local and dedicated to our local customers.

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