Can Professional Alarm Monitoring Save Your Life?

Can Professional Alarm Monitoring Save Your Life?

When it comes to home security, some residents wonder if they should have their security system professionally monitored or not. While security system monitoring is optional, it should not be viewed as an extra. It is a tool that could save your life.

Protection from the Unseen

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas. If your home has a leak, it can become filled with it and cause the occupants to become sick and unable to respond to the emergency. With professional monitoring, the authorities are summoned even if you are unable to call for aid yourself.

House Fires Can Happen to Anyone at Anytime

You can’t predict house fires and that is why you need to plan for them! There are over 350,000 home fires in the US every year. Even in cases where residents are awake, fire is so swift and destructive that it can become impossible to call for help. Thankfully, professional monitoring is there to stand in the gap and initiate help immediately.

The Possibility of Burglary and Intrusion is Real

You don’t have to watch the news long to know that burglary and intrusion are becoming more common than ever, and burglars more brazen. About 7% of burglary victims experience some type of violent crime during the incident. When an alarm is tripped, professional monitoring can make all the difference in the outcome.

In the event of an emergency, professional monitoring sends an alert to the monitoring center that could make all the difference to the lives of you and your family. For more information about home security and professional monitoring, call Hoffman today!

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