Video Doorbells are Pure Awesome

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Video doorbells are advanced safety devices. In fact, they may be one of the most underestimated of all safety devices available today. While humble, the video doorbell is a powerful tool that allows you to conveniently monitor your doorstep. 

How Video Doorbells Work

Video doorbells are equipped with a camera, motion sensors, and two-way audio, and can be integrated with your security system. When the doorbell detects motion, it starts to film and sends an alert to your phone. This allows the user to see the activity and virtually answer the door without giving away the fact that they may, or may not, be home. 

What Are the Advantages? So Glad You Asked!

Video doorbells offer some pretty awesome perks. We’ll cover just a few to get you started. 


It is an additional exterior camera. A video doorbell provides an extra view of outside events and can let you spot suspicious activity. 


Video doorbells boost security. Most criminals have two objectives in getting entry to your home, use the path of least resistance and don’t get caught. That’s why they most often gain entry through the front door! A video doorbell provides a huge deterrence because they know there will be video proof of identity!


You can answer the door without disrupting your activity. Let’s face it, it may not be worth disrupting your favorite show for a guy selling sketchy magazine subscriptions. With a video doorbell, you can answer from your phone to see if the offering is worthwhile.  


You get alerts. As you go about your busy day, you get alerts so you always know what is going on at home. 


It provides video of activities. Trust us. You just never know what can happen on your doorstep. Here’s some proof.


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