Think Big. Physical Security for the Small Business

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One of the most important mistakes small businesses make in their physical security is not thinking like the owner of a large corporation. While the small business may not need high-level security measures such as mantraps, they can benefit from the big company belief that physical security is foundational to success. 

Thinking Small Can Mean Huge Loss

Many small businesses fail to implement enough security simply because they believe that since they aren’t a large enterprise, they are at minimal risk for crimes. Nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is, criminals strategically target smaller businesses because small businesses: 

  • Likely to have inadequate security
  • May have taken a DIY approach to security systems
  • Probably do not have a monitored video surveillance system 
  • Lack of proper lighting and locks
  • Provide easy access to high-value targets such as customer information

Top Tips to Improve Small Business Physical Security

Small businesses need, benefit from, and have the ability to afford physical security measures. There are many very affordable security system options and simple security practices from which businesses of every size can benefit. 

Here are some simple ways you can protect your business from serious things like theft, vandalism, fraud, sexual harassment, and workplace violence. 

Control Access

Access control can help you allow off-hours deliveries or services, or to immediately add or change who has access without having to rekey locks. Access control can also allow for the safe management of visitors to controlled areas, like supply or document rooms. 

Video Surveillance Provides Awareness

Video surveillance is probably the most common, versatile, and valuable of all security system options. The presence of video surveillance systems:

  • Help deter crime 
  • Providing a greater business awareness
  • Help improve productivity
  • Monitor customer service
  • Provide a way to manage business remotely 

Alarm Systems are a Must

Alarm systems such as smoke, fire, CO2, and intrusion are a must. Never assume that the building in which your business occupies is already adequately equipped. The best bet is to get a professional security evaluation to see if any existing systems are in working order. 

Get Professional Monitoring

If your business was to catch fire, how long do you think it  would take for someone to call authorities? Did you know that most people think that if an alarm sounds that it automatically goes to dispatch and that help is already on the way. That is if they even hear it to respond! It takes a robbery less than 10 minutes to complete, and a fire to cause major damage in the same amount of time, so even the smallest delay can equal huge loss. Professional monitoring ensures that the moment the alarm is tripped, someone is acting. 

Make security your business priority. There is a wide range of affordable and effective solutions that will help reduce your risks and even help boost profits!  Call Hoffman today to learn more!

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