Small and Medium Business Security: Are insider Threats Weakening Your Physical Security?

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In small and medium business security, when most people think of a physical security threat, they think of someone who may have malicious intent. However, contrary to this belief, most insider threats are not individuals actively seeking to do harm. In most cases, they are just regular employees just not following common safety practices. Insider threats to physical security can come from current or former employees, contractors, and trusted business partners, such as custodial staff as well as malicious insiders.

Common Ways Your Physical Security May Be Weakened

Even the most sophisticated security technologies such as access control and video surveillance can be rendered ineffective if not used properly. 

Here are some common scenarios where well meaning employees can put your business at risk.

  • One employee holding a door open for another to a restricted area, bypassing access control.
  • Bypassing access control measures during shift changes for the sake of speed or convenience
  • Propping secured doors open for deliveries from vendors
  • Leaving doors open during deliveries unattended
  • Not securing sensitive areas when taking breaks
  • Leaving doors and windows unlocked
  • Failing to turn on security systems

Unfortunately, malicious insiders, such as staff who has been demoted, reprimanded, or placed on probation, can also pose an intentional threat to your business.

  • Coworker sabotage
  • Deliberately leaving storage areas open and vulnerable
  • Not correcting or addressing security gaps
  • Making data vulnerable
  • Stealing customer information
  • Providing opportunity to others to do harm

Most security incidents can be prevented with stronger physical security controls such as regular training, background checks, and “see it report it” programs. In addition to implementing physical security system and best practices training, it is highly recommended to have a commercial security professional evaluate your security system to make recommendations. 

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